Yard Sale Pricing Guide

I have seen and sold at various levels of yard sale pricing. It depends on how attached you are to your items, what shoppers are used to paying in your area or neighborhood (which stills varies among houses and type of items sold), and the quality and popularity of your items.

$0.25 or $0.50?

It's easy to get too caught up in the dollars and quarters tug-o'-war of yard sale pricing. Keep a balanced perspective by first realizing why you are having a yard sale. Is it to make needed money, extra fun-money, or for the purpose of decluttering?

If you are really in need of money or something tragic has happened and you are trying to raise funds, consider putting that in the newspaper advertisement for your sale. You don't have to beg, but it's okay to let people know that you're having a sale to benefit a sick or injured family member or to make the two ends meet together, etc. You may also want to consider parting with a valuable or larger possession.

Having a yard sale to earn some extra spending money is a good reason to have a yard sale as well! I think it's exciting to participate in the give-and-take process of sales.

Having a yard sale in order to find new homes for all the stuff you don't want or need is worth the effort and is, in a way, payment in itself. Remind yourself while you're setting garage sale prices that money is not the only recompense for what you're doing.

Good Deals

I have come across some really good deals in my yard sale ventures. These were items that were priced well below what they could have sold them for.

One example was a beautiful, wooden bunk bed with like-new, twin mattresses for $50. I was somewhat interested in the bunk bed because I am drawn to wood furniture, but we ended up purchasing it once the owner told us the price. We knew that if no one in the family could use it, we could easily turn it into a profit with our resale store.

Another good deal that I would have taken advantage of if I had asked sooner was a small (but not tiny) TV/VCR/DVD player combo. It was sold for $10.

I would have paid significantly more for it easily because I was looking for that exact item for our church. You snooze, you lose! But, if you price popular items well, you win! Either way, don't feel bad for selling something for less than what you later realize could have made you more money.

Seller's Remorse

Seller's remorse can be a significant or insignificant bi-product of selling your possessions, especially for people who are not confident about yard sale pricing. As silly of a subject as it may sound, it's helpful to be able to get passed it.

It can occur when you sold something that you later wish you didn't. Or, perhaps you feel like you sold valuable items at much less than you should have, resulting in a feeling of loss or disappointment.

Consider it a gift. Let it go emotionally by deciding to give it away and allow someone else the thrill of finding a great deal. It's not such a bad thing if you give something to someone, right? Right. So be cheerful and not regretful.

Who Dunnit?

The same thing goes for when someone steals something when you're not looking. It happens sometimes. It's not your problem; it's theirs. People who steal may have a material or monetary gain, but they lose something so much more precious; integrity and trustworthiness.

My sister and I had a resale store years ago and before we closed it down, we transitioned it into a location for having a monthly, community flea market. We thought it would be cute to use an actual shopping cart as a large sign holder at the edge of the road leading to our store.

Well, one Saturday while I was making my rounds picking up our signs, I noticed the shopping cart sign was missing. I looked around to see if it has rolled down the street, but it was nowhere to be found. Someone must have stolen it. Ahhhh... people making these types of choices only demean themselves. They deserve our pity more than our anger.

Yard Sale Pricing Guide For Clothing & Accessories

This yard sale pricing guide is for items in basically good condition. Raise or lower the price respective to condition and popularity.


25 cents: Onesies, Shirts, Shorts, Night Gowns, Swim Suits

50 cents: Pants, Capris, Overalls, Skirts, Dresses, Sweaters, Pajama Sets

75 cents: Dress Sets, Short Sets, Pant Sets, Jackets/Hoodies


25 - 50 cents: Shirts, Shorts, Night Gowns, Swim Suits

50 cents: Pants, Capris, Skirts, Sweaters

50 - 75 cents: Overalls, 2-pc. Pajamas

75 cents - $1: Short Sets, Pant Sets, Jackets/Hoodies


50 cents: Shirts, Blouses, Shorts, Capris, Skirts, Night Gowns, Swim Suits

50 cents - $1: Pants, 2-pc. Pajamas, Overalls, Dresses

75 cents - $2: Sweaters, Jackets/Hoodies, Short Sets, Pant Sets


50 cents - $1: Shirts, Blouses/Button-Down Shirts, Night Gowns

75 cents - $1: Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Pajamas, Swim Suits, Sweaters

$2: Dresses, Jackets/Hoodies

$3: 2-pc. Dresses

75 cents - $3: Maternity - Tops, Shorts, Skirts, Pants, Dresses

$4: Suit Sets


10 - 25 cents: Bibs, Tights, Pantyhose, Socks

25 cents +: Kids' Shoes

25 - 50 cents: Hats/Caps, Bonnets, Leotards

50 cents +: Adults' Shoes, Purses

Yard Sale Pricing For New & Gently Used Items

I have paid more for certain items than I typically would just because it was in great condition and just what I need or could really use. I don't normally pay very much for good, used clothes for my daughter because I'm used to finding them for less than $1, but I paid $4.50 for a nice, children's raincoat once because it was a good deal.

Many people will consider paying more than 25 - 50 cents for a certain shirt because its quality or uniqueness makes even moderate yard sale pricing look appealing. If you have a lot of nice, brand-name clothes in a certain size range, announce it.

I once paid about $60 for used clothes for my daughter from one lady at a yard sale because they were priced well and I took advantage of an opportunity to stock up for a couple of years. I was later able to sell many of the clothes that were still sale-able after she out-grew them, and often for the same price.

That's what's great about buying anything used. If you ever decide to sell it, you might be able to get back close to what you paid for it, sometimes more!

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