Voluntary Simplicity

Voluntary simplicity is choosing to simplify your life in every area that seems overwhelming, draining, or excessive. It is realizing that time is better than money and the importance of having straight priorities.

It is a way of life for many people who are interested in homesteading today, self sufficient living, growing or raising your own food (Starting a garden simply and naturally) and living off the land, living off the grid, and living a simple life in every possible way.

Voluntary simplicity is a different concept from those living in forced poverty. It is a purposeful lifestyle choice for those who joyfully give up so much of what many others literally struggle to obtain.

I have always been low-maintenance, but I was still living on the complicated side of life. Now, I have a different perspective and passion.

Voluntary simplicity has me living on the simple side of life. It has inspired me to choose conservation, self reliance, organization, and prioritization as a passion and even a mission.

Waste: Glorified Plague

Excess and waste are everywhere. They are like a glorified plague; glorified in the fact that we do whatever we have to in order to cram our lives full of stuff to comfort us and perhaps fill a void. It's a plague because it suffocates, nags, overwhelms, and drains the life (and money) out of us.

Many people live in a cycle of consumerism and debt - accumulation, compulsive hoarding, and waste - disappointment and dissatisfaction - emptiness and desire for more - and so on.

Why do we continue to over-spend, under-invest, break-down, and stress-out?

Force of habit? Lack of inspiration? Spiritual void? Lack of good parenting skills? Maybe successful marriage tips or money management tips are in order...

The good news is that habits can be changed, inspiration can be found, simple truths can give you wisdom and set you free, and you can learn whatever skills you need.

If you are unhappy with any area of your life, home, or relationships, or you are just interested in living a simple life, keep at it! Learn about and be inspired by voluntary simplicity.

Steps To Begin Living Simply


What are the most important things in your life?

What do you spend your time and money on?

Do they match each other?

Sometimes our ideals and proclaimed values are just that, and there's no significant or consistent evidence of them in our lives.

On the other hand, sometimes our priorities, time, and money line up perfectly, but those priorities end up being false or belong at the bottom of the pole.

Actually, our resources already do line up with our current priorities. When what we ideally want our priorities to be, or even believe them to be, do not actually prove to take precedence under closer examination, we need to re-structure, make some bold changes, and bring more meaning into our lives.

My priorities for simple Christian living are my relationship with God first, marriage second, then our daughter, then ministry/job/business and the rest.

As a Christian, ministry is very important, but ministry begins at home. If each previous priority is not managed well, the succeeding priority will not be healthy and extend effectively downward to the others.

"I-Pod, Pea-Pod, Blue Tooth, Shark Tooth - I Get Confused"

Being out of the "loop" sometimes is okay with me. I don't have to have the latest, fanciest technology, vehicle, or house. Especially before I can afford to pay for it "cash on the barrel".

I'm fine with not knowing about or owning many of the things other people do. It's a good sign that I'm not caught up in the false priorities and ways of the world at large. That's not to say that just because you own an i-pod or hi-def TV, there is something wrong with you.

My point is that too often people get into the complicated and empty lifestyle of living beyond their means. They get stuck in the never-ending pursuit of temporary comfort found in excessive shopping, entertainment, and the like.

It doesn’t bother me if a person has something expensive. As long as they can afford it. And if they aren't in debt, paying interest, or using money to buy it that should have went towards more important things like current consumer debt and basic, emergency savings.

I don’t have to go out with friends or family just because it’s an occasion to have more fun (which usually means it’s an occasion to spend more money). If you have the time and the money, fine. If not, rein yourself in and say, "Sorry, maybe next time."

Fun follows work. Reward follows responsibility. It is normal in our culture to get that backwards. Voluntary simplicity usually clashes with the mainstream.

I compare people in the mainstream to fish in a real stream in two ways.

As the fish in a stream that go where the strong current takes them, while the fish practicing voluntary simplicity go against the current.

Or, the people in the mainstream are like the fish struggling, fighting, and pushing their way up the stream, against the beckoning current of voluntary simplicity. Meanwhile the simple fish are following nature's way. (Let's not get too technical and bring up salmon.) ;)

Why Voluntary Simplicity Is "Luring"

While watching Little House On The Prairie one day, my attention and imagination was caught by a conversation an adult character was having with a young boy. They were fishing together at the edge of a lake.

The man said to the boy, "I guess it don't make much sense to some folks to sit for hours trying to catch some fish. They can go buy it at the store for a few pennies.

The boy asked, "Well, why do they do it?"

Man: "Well, for two reasons. One is knowing that no matter what happens on this earth, a fellow can go out and catch his supper. To provide for hisself and his family. And that's a perty good feeling."

Boy: "What's the other reason?"

Man: "Now, that's the important one. It's just fun! Plu, perfect fun!"

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