Tips For Reducing Stress

I have outlined these tips for reducing stress along with personal experiences with exactly what I do in specific situations to handle stress.

Learn more about the causes of stress and how to deal with stress.

Realize that people do what they do for a reason. Even if that reason is they are totally ignorant, irresponsible, and careless. That is just where they are at this time in their life.

If they were ready to be a different way, they would already be your best friend. :) Accepting that will help you when trying to apply these tips for reducing stress.

Tips For Reducing Stress: Marital Strife

If you and your spouse are not getting along, take the high road and as they say, "be the bigger person". Be the one to apologize, open up, and make effort to listen.

If there is any love and commitment at all, deep inside your relationship, your willingness and humility can gently reach down and pull up your spouse. After you have had an argument, admit to your spouse what you noticed that you, yourself, did wrong that may have started or prolonged the argument.

If your child(ren) witnessed any part of the argument at all, sit down with them and admit your faults and apologize. Don't bash your spouse (their other parent) to them. Say nothing negative about your spouse to your children.

Tips For Reducing Stress: Rude People

Just imagine that you totally understand and accept people for who they are and where they are in their maturity.

If someone is rude to you, DO NOT get defensive and respond in kind. Just smile and remind yourself that they have their own problems and just don't "get it". It's not always and only about you.

If someone cheats you and gets away with it, like on the highway, stay calm and be just as happy as can be that they are ultimately the ones paying for and experiencing negative repercussions of their bad choices.

Yes, it affects you in some small ways, but not nearly as much as them. After all, they have to live with themselves and their choices; you just pass it once in a while. (Or it passes you.) Ha!

Be glad you don't have their problems and attitude (or do you?) and decide that you are going to do what's right even if what's right is not being done to you!

Tips For Reducing Stress: My Own "Causes" & Responses

Dealing with change

I never understood how going through unwanted change could change a person in so many unwanted ways. I had experienced a lot of wanted change, but when I had to deal with an onslaught of unwanted change, I sort of panicked!

My old favorite, stress-filled response:

Resist, rebel, and retreat!

My new favorite, stress-free response:

"Lord, I trust you, rest in you, and know and accept that everything is for a reason."

There is light at the end of the tunnel and much to look forward to and get excited about.

For years I was like a dog locked inside a closet. I barked and growled, whined and whimpered, and tried to scratch and claw my way out.

Because God loves me as much as He does, He would not dare let me out. That may sound strange, but He knew I would make it through until the appointed time and come out stronger and wiser. You won't help a butterfly develop by picking away at the transition process of the caterpillar. It will kill or seriously debilitate it!

Tips For Reducing Stress: Noisy Neighbors

It was inevitable... Countless times, one of our past neighbors would throw a big party with teenagers and adults goofing off (that's what we call it), getting drunk, laughing, yelling, blasting their stereos, revving up truck engines, and making a huge scene as if they were the only ones in the world - until way beyond midnight.

My old favorite, stress-filled response:

Inner rage and outer complaints with a stubborn refusal to calm down... because I WAS RIGHT!

"Isn't there just ONE responsible adult over there that will demand that they quiet down!"

"What ever happened to common courtesy people!"

"How inconsiderate! For all they know one of their neighbors could be a mom with a newborn who needs her sleep and they are keeping her awake or people just might have to work early the next morning, etc."

My new favorite, stress-free response:

"God love 'em." And I roll over and try to go to sleep.

Tips For Reducing Stress: Being a wife to a man with his own thoughts and feelings

As the years fly by, your relationship with your spouse has a tendency to wilt or grow sour. By properly tending, pruning, and supplying nutrients, you can keep it healthy.

As tough as it can be to be united to someone in marriage, some tweaking in your attitudes and choices can make a big difference.

My old favorite, stress-filled response:

Stewing emotional turmoil and frantic negativity never getting an answer to any of my questions - because I never actually asked them! (Verbal & Communicative Incompetency) Yes, I just made that up. ;)

My new favorite, stress-free response:

"God love 'im."

I try to understand my husband's heart. If I feel confident that I can trust the heart of the man, I can learn to feel safe and expect positive results.

I keep in mind that he has some interests that are different from mine. What helps him to relax and wind down, pushes my buttons and keys me up. If I let it, of course. ;)

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Tips For Reducing Stress: Being a mother to a bright and independent daughter

Choosing to not engage my emotions while dealing with my daughter coupled with some good parenting skills radically improved my health and home. They are my best tips for reducing stress from parenting.

My old favorite, stress-filled response:

Over-parenting controller. The ol' "I'll have it myyyyy way!"

My new favorite, stress-free response:

"God love 'er."

I gain control by teaching my daughter to control herself using sound discipline techniques and other methods of child discipline as well as plenty of encouraging words, positive parenting, healthy compromise, and a lotta love!

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