Subterranean Homes

I have always leaned toward "doing things against the norm". That's why subterranean homes inspire and intrigue me so much. I think they provide many solutions and advantages. Here's how:

  • Fire and earthquake protection
  • Energy savings w/passive solar building designs
  • Save money on heating and cooling/indoor temperature remains rather constant
  • Increased privacy
  • Promotes greener living
  • Quality materials hold up for many generations
  • Efficient use of land
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly soundproof
Comfort & Flexibility

Just because this type of house is underground, doesn't mean you will have to live in a dark cave. If done well, your underground home can be light, airy, and comfortable.

You can have your subterranean or earth sheltered home built completely for you. Or, you can opt to save money by having the shell constructed while you finish the house.

Davis Caves

"As the nation's leader in earth-sheltered construction, we are always on the drawing board enhancing, improving and inventing. That's why a 'Davis Cave' is the trademark of excellence in earth-sheltered construction and expertise.

Don't let the name "cave" fool earth sheltered home from Davis Caves Construction is bright, spacious and offers the utmost in comfort. So when you're ready to an original!" - Davis Caves

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