Old Fashioned Living

I've always had an appreciation for old fashioned living. To many people infiltrated by the modern culture, old fashioned ways and ideals are so out-dated. They think they held their purpose in the past, but are no longer relevant, stylish, or appropriate.

Old fashioned ways remain relevant because they are based on timeless principles.

I happen to strongly believe that old fashioned ways in general and oftentimes in specific are very practical, especially nowadays when our "modern thinking" has us in a heap of chaos.

Christian Courting

Courting has long been the ideal way to maintain an honorable, pre-marital relationship. More than just a method or means to arrive at the destination of marriage, I consider courtship to carry with it an emphasis on learning to do what's best for the other person and the relationship and to prepare for a successful marriage.

Old Fashioned Names

Old fashioned names are sort of a tribute to old fashioned living. Keeping names in the family were important to many families. There are many old names that people find peculiar (that could be said for many contemporary names as well), yet there are many others that are still popular.

Old TV Series

Much of the old televised entertainment used to draw a distinct line between right and wrong. It glorified what was right and clarified and condemned what was wrong.

Even much of that which was considered suggestive back then is considered to be highly censored today because peoples' hearts and minds have become so marred and desensitized; so much that we think watching people commit adultery is thrilling, hilarious, and entertaining.

Many programs promoted old fashioned living and ideals by presenting honesty, ethics, modesty, commitment, selflessness, character, and faith as admirable and worthy endeavors while revealing greed, lust, malice, selfishness, rebellion, retaliation, and unfaithfulness as undesirable and something to be ashamed of. It paid careful attention to the rewards of righteousness and the consequences of sin.

Television has changed over the years, but one thing that hasn't changed is its power to shape the culture and the hearts of individuals. How sad and disastrous, yet astoundingly biblical, it is that so many have fallen away from true faith and succumbed to the enticements of sin and even non-sacrificial faith.

Prudence has come to be a profanity while using the Lord's name flippantly is acceptable; even to many who call Jesus Christ their Lord! Prudence means carefulness, cautiousness, discretion, forethought, sensibility, and wisdom.

In short, plain ol' good sense!

I'll take that over recklessness, irresponsibility, and lack of control any day!

My favorite old TV series is Little House On The Prairie starring Michael Landon and based on the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. A pioneer-style movie series we enjoy is Love Comes Softly.

Old fashioned living is in many ways similar to simple living. There are some cons to old fashioned living or ways, such as ones practiced without vital knowledge that we have since obtained; medical remedies or old wives' tales that have been proven inaccurate, etc. But, that is not to be confused with a system of values.

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