Homestead Living Income

Homestead living can open doors and give you income ideas that you never thought of before. Some sources are typical, but many foster time and financial freedom while allowing you to find fulfillment in your work/business.

When homesteading today, income comes from different sources. Some collect monthly retirement or social security checks and many others work from home. Still some continue to make the commute to their regular job until they are ready to pursue or rely on other sources of income.

Some earn a living working their functional farm/ranch raising livestock and/or growing and selling produce. Whatever their source of income, it's likely that their lifestyle demands less money in order to operate.

There are niche businesses. These are businesses built based on personal passion or one category (or relative categories) of profitable products or services. This is often done at home and/or on the internet. This website about simple living is my niche, internet business.

I'm convinced that working for yourself and a niche business based on what you enjoy, whether online or offline, is the best way to earn a living. Unless, of course, you have found a career that allows you to earn a living doing what you love and that fits your lifestyle!

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