Homeschooling was one of the few important decisions in life that was easy for me to make. Even before I had my daughter, I knew I wanted to provide her education at home. I hardly knew anything about homeschooling. All I knew was that I was not willing to send her to a public government school.

Since then (2005), I have spent a lot of time researching and becoming familiar with it. My husband and I feel strongly that it is our responsibility to guard our daughter’s heart and train her up in the way that she should go. The Lord’s way for her.

My Reasons For Homeschooling

I have many reasons for teaching my daughter at home. We believe that a child’s schooling experience has a great deal to do with how their hearts and minds are shaped.

Their routine, daily interactions affect the kinds of decisions they make at such tender ages. Especially, when considering that public schools simply do not provide a Christ-honoring education.

Exodus Mandate Project: Let My Children Go

Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

I considered both the advantages and disadvantages. Even after careful review, my convictions and instincts to teach at home won out.

Homeschool Resources

My daughter tested out and we have reviewed an online educational program - Time4Learning.

For a while, I searched diligently for homeschool resources that would help me prepare for more formal teaching. I went back and forth with the idea of using a spectacular curriculum for kindergarten...

But as my perspective on life and learning philosophy changes, I gravitate more towards natural, whole-life learning which is more like unschooling. As far as homeschool curriculum, I like the approach of the Robinson curriculum. It is a self-teaching approach that focuses on the basics and provides an excellent education while still satisfying my desire for flexibility and natural learning. Well, I like any learning resources that include great, classic literature, critical thinking, and living by godly principles.

So, for kindergarten there will be no boxed curriculum and no structured "school" days because life is learning. But, there will be lots and lots of great books and activities! :)

It's easy to homeschool kindergarten!

The more I research homeschooling and child development, the more I realize that a relaxed approach is not only acceptable, but the most beneficial for young children. Having a structured curriculum may lessen your nerves and the nerves of uncertain relatives, but you can trust that your young, "school-age" children will learn very well by you enthusiastically and gently leading or facilitating fun, active learning through daily experiences.

By the time my daughter was four years old, she had never learned from a boxed curriculum and she was reading and writing and does so many inspiring activities from her own desires to learn (and even teach!). I say that to encourage you to be comfortable living and teaching outside of the box; whether that's a fancy curriculum box, public school mindset box, or the what other people think box. :)

I also took some fun, learning style quizzes to help me determine which methods and possible curriculum might be most appropriate for my family if I ever used any.

Check out for online homeschool resources based on many years of experience. Find out what you can expect from virtual home schools and how to make your own homeschool much more effective than you thought possible.

Homeschooling resources for mastering addition facts.

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Do I Have What It Takes?

Can I Do Homeschooling?

When my daughter was just one and two years old, I was very nervous about being my child's teacher and was concerned that the "starter gun" of kindergarten would bang and I would trip and stumble across the starting line.

Meanwhile, the mainstream parent sending their child to public school would hit the ground running and jump far ahead. The more I researched, the more those worries were allayed and the more confident I became.

Homeschooling can be vastly rewarding and simple: preschool and beyond!

I want to make clear that my strong opinions stated here are not intended to condemn parents for sending their child to public school. But I do want to at least help everyone realize that our public school system (in general) has been failing in many ways and for many years and to give serious consideration to the type of environment they put their child in full-time.

This can be a matter of opinion and it certainly depends on one's personal standards. If conforming to the world = positive experience, there's a good chance you'll get that from school.

My intention is to stand up for home education for being the gem that it is. It is a viable option and, if done lovingly, has numerous benefits for the child and family.

Homeschooling gives you a much different perspective. The whole world opens up to you. Except now, you as the parent have more of a say as to how your child explores and learns about it.

Enjoy your children along the way.

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