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Hello! You have entered into the world of an often restless perfectionist trying to breathe free and wade through our modern, industrialized complacency and stressful, unnatural lifestyles as I am fueled incessantly by an urgency to live a simple, even agrarian, life and attempt to ensure that my run-on sentences remain interesting.

Enjoy Simple Living is MOVING!

As life goes on, my ideas of living simply have continued to develop and mature. I have thought in the past that I felt like I was born in the wrong century. However, this could not be further from the truth.

God places "different" people, who don't seem to belong, who live and think and believe contrary to their current generation INTO that generation or culture FOR A REASON. I must remind myself of this often or else I may want to run away. :) Now, that being said...

I love simple, wholesome activities such as baking pies, making butter, knitting, watching plants grow, learning with my daughter, and growing as a family as we confront issues and receive spiritual revelation.

I feel at peace when watching my daughter and husband play in the river surrounded by towering pines; wonderfully startled by the call of a bird that sounds like it flew right out of a dinosaur book... But life is not all sunshine and rainbows as we know.

Many of my articles are centered on the "details." I may sound like a motivational-you-can-create-your-own-life-and-have-it-your-way kind of speaker, but my deepest concern and motivation is that I am living as close to the way God intended as I can. That's just my honest, humble desire.

I grew up very close to nature and it feeds my soul. I hope to find my way back to that simplicity. Of course, the Creator is who I worship and who really feeds me, but all of His creation is connected.

We all have our strengths and gifts and one of mine seems to be to challenge and inspire as I am also constantly challenged and inspired myself. Join me as I endeavor to understand and enjoy simple living.

I live to learn and love and grow closer to my God. I'm thankful for those of like-mind and heart who God puts in my path.

SIMPLE & NATURAL: Two of my favorite words (though I have many; I'm a word person). More and more I'm brought to the conclusion that if any area of life (spirituality, education, even starting a garden is complicated or unnatural, we are probably operating in a way that was not meant to be.

We did it!
Read about our 15 months of FULL TIME RV LIVING journey!

Longing For Order

Are you longing to get your stressful and cluttered life in order? I know how you feel! Hopefully, my own life's up and downs will help you with organizing your life more efficiently and completely.

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Jennifer, I am 30 and have been married to my high school sweetheart for 13 years. We have a 8-year-old that we love homeschooling and we enjoy finding ways to simplify our lives while igniting that desire in others.

Simple Christian Living

Why am I so passionate about simple living? I do believe that our choices are a big part of the outcome of our lives, but I also live for a purpose that is much greater than I.

Steps to Begin Living Simply

I'm talking about not putting off the things you can do to simplify your life one bit at a time so you can be a more effective person and, yes, have less senseless struggle and stress.

About Me
About me, My name is Jennifer, I'm 30, married 13 years... I grew up in Texas in the country climbing trees, swimming...
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